Here is a list of account crippling problems I have experienced on Twitter to date:

    1. Disappearing tweets
    2. Covert unfollows
    3. Follower counter failing to increment properly
    4. Having to log in to log out
    5. The disabling of direct messages
    6. The drastic reduction of allowed direct messages
    7. Page kicking back losing the tweet of interest
    8. Unable to retweet because it vanishes after being made to refresh the page
    9. You do not have permission to do that
    10. Vanishing infographics
    11. Hackers (unknown 3rd parties) repeatedly accessing my account
    12. Very short timelines with endless busy pointer

Many of the above problems ran in parallel and persisted for long periods of time despite repeated complains about them. Some, like the #CovertUnfollows, have not only remained as permanent fixtures but have slowly increased in destructiveness with the passage of the seasons right up until the writing of this blog post.

Saor Alba,

Gordon (@Zen432)