It was near the end of 2012 before I finally took the plunge with Twitter. I had been disabled by chronic health problems for many years before that and found the 140 characters per tweet idea compellingly compatible with my very limited health/energy resources. I found I could be in and out, with hit and run short posts, without too much of a negative impact on dwindling health. This was, and is, a great psychological boost for me because it allows me to get involved in a very constructive way with issues that are of serious importance to me – like campaigning for an independent Scotland.

Very quickly I came to appreciate just what a wonderful social media tool Twitter is. Its potential, as a medium for positive social transformation through raising public awareness of the truly important issues of our times, really is quite awesome. And I loved that about Twitter right from the get-go. The exciting honeymoon period that followed however was to be disappointingly short and painfully bubble-bursting.

On the campaigning run up to the Scottish independence referendum on September the 18th 2014 I was to experience a whole raft of sudden problems with the standard functionality of my @Zen432 Twitter account (#WeAreThe45Plus). Many of these problems have not only continued either constantly to the present day, or on a revolving door basis (break – complain – fix – break complain – fix), but, as in the case of Twitter induced #CovertUnfollows, have actually grown in a big and brazen way.

Additionally new problems regularly manifest out of the blue to add to the increasingly broken functionality of my Twitter account. Exploring the sub menu sections here will give you a more in-depth look at each of these scandalous issues and explore the kinds of retarding suppressive damage they undoubtedly do to the effective campaigning work of all accounts affected by this kind of Draconian insidious skullduggery.

Onwards and upwards,

Gordon (@Zen432)

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