Alone we can do a little. Together we can move mountains.

A movement is only as good as its lines of communication. This is perhaps even more true with a bottom-up, grass-roots movement, like the independence movement in Scotland undoubtedly is. Therefore, I will try to bring together here as many of our diverse Indy ‘dots’ as possible. As I never tire of saying: “Unity in our diversity!”

So then, to that end, the “Contacts” sub menus here will be aiming to cover:

* The SNP.
* Women for Independence.
* Radical Independence Campaign.
* Scottish Greens for YES
* Generation YES
* Influential Twitter Accounts
* Other Pro Indy Blogs
* Pro indy YouTube Channels
* Pro indy MSM
* Pro Indy Websites.

Some of the above will have local branches. If they follow us on Twitter these too will be listed asap in our Contacts sub-menus section.

If you know of, or come across, a pro-Indy resource that you think should be included here then please let me know about it.

Onwards and upwards towards a free and independent Scotland.

Saor Alba,

Gordon (@Zen432)

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