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My 61st birthday arrived on the day of our independence referendum back on September 18th of last year. I am a member of the SNP. I’ve voted for them for 43 years since first getting the right to vote at 18 years of age. I am happily divorced. Have a full grown son. Was born in Glasgow. Went to the same school there as Billy Connelly and, again like Billy, got super fit and fully weapons trained with Glasgow’s 15th Para – even excelling here and there along the way. Presently living in sunny Aberdeenshire 😉

I created this Scottish pro-independence blog as a necessary, and hopefully, suppression-free extension of (and enhancement to) my WeAreThe45Plus Twitter account @Zen432.

The repeated ‘hacking’ of my Twitter account and constant tampering with virtually all of its functions, the rising count of Draconian thefts from my Twitter Follower Counter and group-list Members & Subscriber count totals, to say nothing for the moment of all the ‘invisible’ tweets,Hacking 2 missing tweets and re tweets, mysterious Covert Follows and Unfollows, and the many broken account functions, all of which I repeatedly found myself on the account-disabling and suppressing end of, made it crystal clear to me that I had to try to fight back in some way against the party or parties that were – and are still – behind it all. One thing I can thank the dark under-belly of Twitter for though is the intense motivation if gave me to get this blog up and running. So thank you #DarkTwitter for that! However, enough here about all that Draconian stuff – for now. The Dark Side menu will be going into all of that in detail.

So, I guess I can sum up my reasons for creating this blog by simply saying that it aims primarily to serve two basic main functions:

1. First and foremost to promote the cause of Scottish Independence, and…

Hacking 12. To speak out, at every opportunity, about the anti-democratic forces at work against the Scottish independence movement generally and, particularly, within the social media services like Twitter, YouTube, Google, Facebook etc, where most of the real grassroots people-power lives, and where that very people-power does the lions share of its important communications. I would ask everyone to be aware of this cause-crippling issue and to speak out on it every chance you get. I would also ask our Scottish pro-independence press – The Sunday Express and The National – to investigate this issue asap! And finally, I would ask our Scottish Government to use every means at its disposal to “out” this totally unacceptable abuse of our basic human rights – and put a timely end to it.

There IS a digital war being waged on the very considerable power-base of the grass-roots Scottish independence movement, and its battlefield is all forms of social media. We, in the pro-indy movement, are ALL in the firing line. In my opinion it’s not just the staggering Westminster bias of the BBC that has been unearthed during the blossoming political enlightenment in Scotland of the last few years. It is my belief that a similar situation runs through all the main social media platforms; Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc, and we ALL have to wake up to that – yesterday – and SHOUT about it!

GCHQ - Aerial ViewLet me say a few words here to any visiting trolls, shills, or Unionists: This blog is strictly for supporters of Scottish Independence and those who are now waking up enough to considering doing that. This blog has NO interest whatsoever in ANY kind of die-hard BetterTogether views or ‘argument’s’. Consequently there is – and never will be – any kind of welcome here for any of you. If you are an honest Unionist however – although I totally disagree with you politically – I fully respect your right to hold that political viewpoint. This blog however is not the place for you to exercise it. Please, respect that, and keep your views to yourself – on the way out.

Johnson Sisters Freedom SquareTo all the braver souls who have no fear of seeing Scotland stand proud and free of Westminster rule and its exploitative control, I hope you will find much useful information and food for thought here on our blog. I hope too that you will support us, both here and over on our complimentary Twitter account @Zen432.

Finally, we need to come together folks in every way that we can. We need to support each other in every way that we can too. We need UNITY IN OUR DIVERSITY to win the prize that we all long for so deeply and have worked so long and hard for. Our freedom!

Thank you for visiting the WeAreThe45Plus blog today. I hope you will help boost our numbers and register with us for blog-post updates. And I hope you will visit often 🙂

Credit: Freedom Square Girls – the Johnson Sisters

Onwards and upwards my fellow Scots

Saor Alba

Gordon @Zen432

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  1. I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for The Liebster Award, should you choose to accept it.


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  2. Thank you for your kind nomination. Sorry for the delay in replying (health problems).

    Happy to accept your nomination, and will fulfill its associated requirements as soon as I am able. Meantime…

    Have a great day lass 🙂

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