Alastair Carmichael

It’s a sad reflection of the kind of society we live in that Alastair Carmichael is STILL in office. I hope everyone is making a note of every politician who is still supporting him and his shameful decision to hang on at all costs. Remember them – for later days.

In my not so humble opinion Carmichael embodies everything that is wrong with modern politics. For way too long We The People have allowed our politicians and our governments to get away with bloody blue murder. Often, quite literally! Well, word on the streets from grass-root movements for change all around the globe is that those days are rapidly coming to a long overdue close.

You don’t have to look far to see that people everywhere have had enough of corrupt status-quo political structures. At long last armies of rightfully outraged citizens are not only speaking up and out about it, they are now taking very determined and effective social and political action for a radical reform of the whole corporate controlled political system we presently endure which (and we all know this) is rotten to its very core!

The petition I am supporting here is another step in that just and transformational direction. Help to get Carmichael the hell out of the elected office he has utterly disgraced. Sign the petition – and spread the word about it in every way that you can:

Alastair Carmichael’s Resignation Petition

Saor Alba!


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